7 Good Consequences of a Thriving Wellness Business

August 20, 2016

Do you dream of accepting your own clandestine practice, so you can adore your ancestors and friends, yield added time off work, and do your life’s purpose? I would brainstorm your acknowledgment is yes!

Quite often, though, something gets in the way of the antecedent eyes of a advancing business. What I apprehend a lot of about is that women (in particular) do things to authority themselves back, because they feel that if they get too busy, they will not be able to adore their ancestors and accompany or yield added time off from the business.

And I’ve heard from too abounding women who HAVE been in this situation. And that saddens me greatly, because I apprehend that if they had appear to me earlier, I could accept helped them set the foundation from the alpha that WOULD body that dream. Now, however, they are alive 12 hour days, not authoritative abundant money, accomplishing it all themselves, are missing the best years of their childrens’ lives, and are absent of just accepting a job!

But there ARE acceptable after-effects of a advancing wellness business. Yes, in adjustment to ENJOY them, you accept to do your planning! Today’s blog isn’t about the planning, though. I address about that a lot.

Today is all about the GOOD after-effects of a advancing wellness business.

What are they, then?


If you anytime formed in a analytic setting, I brainstorm there came a time area you acquainted you were bound in a ambience of limitations! You are accepted to see a minimum amount of patients per day and feel rushed just about all the time. If I formed in a hospital, I acquainted like it was added of a numbers bold than allowance advance the bloom of people.

Very about if I allocution to a abeyant client, I will ask them what they currently do, and again ask them what they wish to do. Added about than not, the two answers are VERY different! These humans are NOT active their purpose! They’re alive a job…

Wouldn’t it be accomplishing to do what you adulation to do, every day, on YOUR schedule, and on YOUR terms? AND, for what you feel you’re worth!?

When you aboriginal alpha a business, you’re about accomplishing just about everything. And that includes things you do NOT wish to do. But that’s one of the aboriginal abundant after-effects of a advancing business: Once the business grows, you again alone accept to do what you LOVE to do, and will accept humans to do all the added stuff.


More than just a few times if I formed in the hospital, I’d get a alarm that a being just diagnosed with diabetes was traveling home… today. Could I appear and brainwash them? Oh my! That poor person, if they didn’t get chase up apprenticeship and support, could, at best, attempt with their new diagnosis, and at worst, ache decreased health, all because acquirements all about diabetes in 30 account or beneath is, well, impossible. And I abhorrence to say it, but there is a LOT of mis-information on diabetes on the internet! (big surprise, huh?)

The aboriginal affair that I was aflame about if I started my aboriginal business, MEG Fitness, was that NOW I would be able to plan with audience over a continued aeon of time, in adjustment to REALLY advice them accomplish their bloom goals. Wow!

And that’s a aftereffect of clandestine practice, no amount what the akin of growth, provided the practitioner doesn’t beat the applicant and alarm them off.

But again I started to apprehension that I capital to accomplish a GREATER difference, for added humans than just a few anniversary year. In adjustment to do that, my business had to be added successful.THIS is the ultimate aftereffect of a advancing business, and has led to even greater accomplishment for me, today.

This is an important point to yield apprehension of: A aftereffect of a advancing business is that you can ability a greater amount of people. And you do this through leverage. This is why today I accept added and added accumulation programs and products. So that I can advice humans at any akin of investment.


For some humans account this, money apparently should accept been the FIRST acceptable aftereffect of a advancing business listed. But I apperceive that for abounding of my own clients, money is not the bigger motivator. But money is the aftereffect of accomplishing what you adulation and authoritative a difference, and is what supports the added absolute after-effects of a advancing business.

When you accomplish added money, you can appoint added help, absorb added time on causes important to you, advice others in bigger ways, or biking more.


When my business absolutely started to yield off, I was able to buy my babe a bigger camera for her photography business. I was aswell able to appoint added help, appropriately acknowledging added people. I can aswell now accord in greater agency to causes important to me.

I just had a chat with a applicant who has a absolutely able charge to accord of herself. But because, until now, her business was struggling, she couldn’t absolve the time abroad from the business. Now she can accommodated that need, acknowledgment to the actuality that her business is thriving.


Once your business gets to the akin area you can access your aggregation size, again you can absorb your time on the things you are a lot of amorous about, which agency you tend to get added productive.

Today, I accept a aggregation of seven people, and after them, I would be alive WAY too abounding hours! I accept aggregate this before, but today I plan 2-3 canicule a week, acknowledgment to my team. And I’m actual bright what I’m accomplishing on those days. I accept a agenda and a system, and all my projects chase a process. Productivity is important to me, so that I can adore not alone my plan time, but aswell my play time.


Through the summer, a lot of of my clandestine audience went abroad for at atomic a week, and although their antecedent addiction was to plan while gone, I accomplished them through that compulsion! They didn’t HAVE to work, so why do it? Advancing aback renewed, refreshed, and with memories of the fun things they did with ancestors and accompany is abundant added advantageous than advancing aback from vacation with projects done.

When we let play be play, if we return, we tend to be MUCH added advantageous and artistic if it’s time to get aback to work!


The aloft archetype was of clients. who accept taken, on average, a anniversary actuality and there. But what if you wish to yield MORE time off? I just apprehend about a artist by the name of Stefan Sagmeister who takes a year off from his clear architecture business every seven years.

In the endure few years, I’ve averaged about 6 weeks off a year, and I’m currently in the action of searching for an chance anywhere in the world, that a adherent and I wish to take. I’m abiding we’ll be gone at atomic 3 weeks, and I’ll apparently add a fourth at the end, just for decompression.

Pick which is your aboriginal astute ambition for demography time off! I’ve heard it way too about from humans who own their own business who say “Oh, I haven’t had a vacation in x years!”

Oh my!

Life is casual by, folks! Do NOT let this be you!

There are abounding added acceptable after-effects of a advancing business, of course! But these are some of the a lot of compelling. Use these as motivators for yourself if you acquisition yourself slowing down your success. We about charge to focus on the big WHYs, if we wish to advance accomplished our abundance level, to accomplish the greater dream. In this case, the greater dream is a advancing business.